Mr. Guth has prosecuted patent applications in technologies such as machine design,
semi-conductor structure and fabrication, electro mechanical design, DWDM optical systems,
 industrial processing machinery, computer enabled business methods and others.

Prior to entering law school, Mr. Guth spent 12 years working in spacecraft design at
Ford Aerospace (later Space Systems/Loral) where he designed, assembled and tested
precision pointing mechanisms for use on imagery and communication satellites.
He was awarded NASA Group Achivement Awards for his contributions to the Solar X-Ray Imager Project
 and for his help in recovering a malfunctioning GOES satellite.

After law school, Mr. Guth joined the firm of Skjerven Morrill
MacPherson LLP as an associate in the Patent Group. While at Skjerven,
Mr. Guth prosecuted patents in technologies such precision machinery,
semi-conductor processing equipment, information transfer, and
electronic business methods.

Mr. Guth has since gone into private practice and currently has clients
involved with nanotechnology, chemical deposition and reaction
technologies, medical devices, electronic business devices, sporting
equipment, and others.

Mr. Guth is a member of the State Bar of California
and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Offfice.


  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering;
    University of California, Davis
  • Juris Doctor, cum laude;
    Santa Clara University School Of Law
    •  American Jurisprudence Award in Property
    • CALI Awards in Patent Litigation, Comparative Antitrust and Property
  • Certificate in High Technology Law; 
    Santa Clara University School of Law